Designing my logo

First I conducted some research.


I noticed that most logos are able to look equally as recognisable in black and white printing so I aimed to have a simple colour theme so this was the same for mine:

My Logo in Black & White


First off I thought I would I would take the easy option and use logo maker to find myself a logo by typing in ‘sports’ into the search bar however I found that none of those I found matched all my requirements. I knew that I wanted a recognisable animation but I didn’t like any I found. So I decided to design my own on powerpoint.


My aim is to design a logo that both appeals to my target audience and is recognisable and thus simple yet standouts out. I wanted my logo to run with the sport themed yet still represent a shopping brand. When I decided on the colours black and pink (appealing to teenage girls) I began to design 3 unique logos. I have labelled them number 1-3 for reference purposes. I created logo number 1 and 2 first with the idea of it being simple and I used the online aid LogoMaker (as seen in screenshots below). I searched for sporting brands and they all seemed to have a black and white logo that each had its individual style. As my brand name is not that unique I later decided that the logos first 2 logos I created were not enough to standout. I then decided to incorporate an image which I coloured pink using power point to show evidence of a colour scheme. The image I chose is of a running stick animation representing my sports theme. For logo 3 I used the font found in the logo I created in the previous logos and inserted the image I had coloured. I thought it was a good idea to include a shopping basket so represent that it was an online clothing store because I often see brands logos and forget what it is they offer for example Llodys bank’s horse.

Choosing 1 logo out of the 3. I asked 20 friends and family to comment and give me feedback on the four logos with pros and cons of each and which one best represents my online store. Criticisms include;

Logo 1: “too plain, could do with a picture” “not very colourful”

Logo 2: “a tad disjointed” “not professional”

Logo 3: “shopping basket is tacky”

Using the feedback I had received logo 3 got the most votes and a lot of the feedback was that they didn’t like the shopping basket. This pushed me to create a fourth logo without the basket, keeping the font and the image. I then showed 10 harshest critiques of the 40 and they all said this is the one I should use.


I also kept in mind the 5 principles of effective logo design; simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, appropriate:





I chose to change the way my logo looked on my website due to my choice of theme. I wanted it to have

I used Photoshop



I used photoshop to remove a background colour on my logo so that I didn’t have the white background on my header image which I think made it look unprofessional. I then inserted this logo onto my website and found that when I scrolled down because the main body of my website is white so you couldn’t see the writing (problem). I took to photoshop again and added both a black outline and a pink (the same colour as my logo design which I specified using a feature in photoshop) outline so I could try both and see which one I preferred.

In the end I chose the pink outline as it is most appropriate for my colour theme and most importantly it shows up on the white background.



Images from :

sportswear brand images not own found on google.

Logo design image not own: (colour and design edited in powerpoint)

Cliparts (2017) Running logos clip art. Available at: (Accessed: 2016).
Photoshop logo:
admin (2015) Huzeyk. Available at: (Accessed: 2016).



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